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Keeps the fires blazing with his releases…


The Streets See No Color

Living for Tomorrow 

Jungle Child
Genuine Love
Man In The Street

Isean Bio

Greetings to one and all!

On the islands, long before into the depths of his life isean had many struggles and hardships he had to endure. Growing up with faith and spirituality played a major role within iseans life. It brought him the courage and strength to continue on seeking the good in the world. Although those same struggles and hardships are what transformed the man you see, into a warrior. He came to understand his mission … his mission … “to uplift a nation with song, to hold close the love of peace”. Embarrassing his own style isean made his own tunes and harmony, which are unique to him. Isean has produced songs which his listeners have enjoyed many times over. Now continuing along life’s journey isean holds firmly to his faith and his mission returning to his home land of Jamaica. He keeps the fires blazing with new releases like …Roof Top from the Album Living for Tomorrow and Hard Core Life from the Album Jungle Child. His most recent Album just released The Street See No Color is making waves through the country!  

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